So, I went to see the Child’s Play reboot when it opened last month. I hadn’t seen any of the original Child’s Play or Chucky movies before, but figured, what the hell, Mark Hamill was doing voicework and Aubrey Plaza was playing the mom, why not see it the same day I was watching The Secret Life of Pets 2, which had Harrison Ford providing a dog’s voice. And the poster campaign was mildly amusing, the series with Chucky killing Toy Story characters and Annabelle.

When I got in from AMC Lufkin last night, I don’t know why, but I figured, what the hell, I’ll stream the Chucky movies. Hulu had the first one available, and Cinemax has the second & third.

Basic set up – a serial killer uses a voodoo-type curse as he’s dying to transfer his soul into a talking, life-size doll. A desperate mother buys the doll from a homeless guy, and gives it to her son. The doll then proceeds to terrorize the son, killing and maiming folks left & right. The serial killer also learns that if he stays in the doll for too long, its permanent and to escape, he has to switch souls with the first person he told about the transfer, which is the son he was given to by the desperate mother.

The second movie picks up almost immediately afterward, with the toy company cleaning the remains of the doll from the first movie so that they can resell it. When the doll kills a toy company employee in front of the company owner, that plan is scrapped, and the manager in charge winds up taking the doll with him at the end of the day. Why? Who knows? Of course the doll is still alive, and goes to the foster home where the son from the first movie has been placed, and terrorizes that family until he is stopped again.

The third movie is set years later, the son is now a teenager in a military school, and the doll has a whole new body but still possessed by the serial killer. New body, new kid to tell his secret to in the hopes of getting out of the doll. And then the doll terrorizes & maims students and staff at the military school, with the now teenage son trying to save the new little boy in peril.

At least with the reboot, its an angry employee reprogramming the doll to be killer, instead of supernatural forces.

And all three movies are a game of “Where do I know them from?” The most common answer will be, “Star Trek.”

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