A couple of years ago, I was talking about movies with a co-worker, and he suggested, since I like Christopher Nolan movies so much, I should watch Dunkirk. I’d seen the trailer, and I was curious about it, but I hadn’t watched it. I didn’t get to the theater. I didn’t rent it from Redbox when it came out on DVD. And I didn’t watch it through HBO via Hulu. But now, for the past week, with a free trial for Cinemax, I finally watched Dunkirk.

First off, I don’t necessarily like war movies. I’ve watched ’em for most of my life, because my dad was a big fan of ’em, his favorite being To Hell and Back, which stars Audie Murphy in his own based on a true story movie.

Second, even for a war movie, Dunkirk was fucking bleak.

Third, I quite like the cast. Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy are great actors, all around. I can’t think of a movie of Cillian Murphy that I haven’t liked until this one, which is a bit of a bummer. Mark Rylance was good, too.

And, finally, I had to look up why there are onscreen designations of “One Week,” “One Day,” and “One Hour” after watching the movie. The army had been there at Dunkirk for a week. It took a day for the civilian and military navy to get there. And an hour for the pilots to fly across the channel.

I’ve seen nine of Nolan’s directed films, and The Prestige is still my favorite. I will watch that movie any day, any time, even if I’m flipping channels and its halfway through. There is nothing about that movie that I do not love for forever. And I recommend it to my friends, though I had to stop loaning my DVDs out, because I kept having to buy a new copy. My friends would just keep it. Dunkirk will never be that kind of movie for me, though I’m sure there is someone out there who feels the same way about it as I do The Prestige.

And The Dark Knight is a close second for me, when it comes to favorites.

Fun fact! Looking at IMDB, and I watched Dunkirk two years to the day that it was released in theaters!

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