Hearts Beat Loud has been on my Hulu list for awhile now. I like Nick Offerman, he has been good in other movies & I watched his comedy special awhile back, so it was an easy add. But I hadn’t watched the movie until this morning.

A single father in Red Hook has a daughter about to leave for med school, and the summer before she goes to UCLA, they form a band as he is forced to close his record store. It doesn’t sound like much, but I thought it was a sweet story. And it has some nice music, which is important when music & the love of making it is a central part of the movie.

And, unlike That Thing You Do! it isn’t just the same song over & over again – there’s actually three or four pieces they play, together & solo.

Toni Collette and Ted Danson have supporting roles as the landlady putting the store out of business and the neighborhood pot smoking bartender.

Cheers, the second season finale of The Good Place, Hearts Beat Loud…I think Ted Danson has been typecast.

And I think that the major misstep in the story is submitting a song to Spotify and then being surprised when it is played by Spotify. Isn’t that how Spotify works?

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