I have been a fan of Will Smith since his days as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on NBC. I was not familiar with his music until years later, but I enjoyed the hell out of the comedy series. And then he started making movies – Men in Black and Independence Day are still favorites. I’ve watched his serious stuff. And I still manage to enjoy Wild, Wild West, I Am Legend, and Men in Black III.

I like Ang Lee, too. Yes, Hulk sucked ten different ways, but it was visually fascinating to watch. And Life of Pi was incredibly beautiful to watch.

I saw the first trailer for Gemini Man a couple of months ago. And I loved it. Everything about what I was seeing clicked for me. Will Smith in a double role – an older, experienced guy and his younger clone. Fuck yes. Clive Owen back on the big screen? I’m set. I’ve missed him since Children of Men and Inside Man. And from the director of Life of Pi, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Billy Flynn’s Long Halftime Walk, and Brokeback Mountain.

I have a Top Ten to See Fall 2019, and until I saw the Knives Out trailer a couple of weeks ago (it played before Spider-Man: Far From Home), this was the one I wanted to see more than any other.

This afternoon, I was at the matinee for Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, and saw the second trailer for Gemini Man. And it is back in the number one movie to see between Labor Day & Thanksgiving.

October cannot get here soon enough. I’ll be there opening weekend.

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