I first read Stephen King’s IT when I was in junior high. I’ve re-read it a few times over the years, it’s still a great story and one of my favorites from the author.

I have watched the ABC miniseries a few times over the years, as well. There were parts of it I didn’t like, mostly changes from the book, and I’ll be rewatching it again soon, since I picked up the five dollar DVD last night on the way home.

So, a couple of years ago, I was in Austin to watch IT: Chapter One. I had a date for it, which didn’t start well, and ended worse, and because of my mood, I just didn’t watch it a second time. I wound up kind of hating the movie then. My biggest issue was the focus was on the kids, without any part of the adults’ story.

The sequel is due out in a month, and when I saw that the first would be getting a re-release to theaters, I decided to go watch it again.

The re-release had a trailer for Doctor Sleep, based on the sequel of The Shining. Read the book last year, it could be interesting to watch.

There was an introduction from director Andy Muschietti, thanking folks for coming out to watch the movie, talking about how much they enjoyed making both films, and asking the audience to stay after the credits for a special sneak peek of the sequel, due out in September. There was also a title card, letting the audience know there would be more to see after the credits.

So, the movie…I could have sworn I wound up watching an extended cut of the film, because there was a lot that I didn’t remember from two years ago. Or maybe it was just my bad mood from that night. I still don’t like that it only focused on the kids’ story, but thankfully it made enough at the box office to get a sequel.

After the movie’s credits, the scene preview for IT: Chapter Two was the Chinese dinner reunion, with the Losers Club getting to know each other again, eating, drinking, cracking jokes, before the fortune cookies became nightmare fuel.

That was followed by the new trailer, narrated by Isaiah Mustafa’s Mike Hanlon.

Speaking of IT: Chapter Two, can we talk about the perfect fucking casting, as far as resemblance, of James Ransone as the adult Eddie Kaspbrack? I know there was a fan campaign to get Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, and she brought in James McAvoy for Bill Denbrough, but holy crap, James Ransone! Seeing the Chinese dinner scene, where they have gathered as grownups immediately after watching the first movie, and it’s easy to believe that that is how Jack Dylan Grazer is gonna look when he grows up.

And I’ve already reserved my ticket to see IT: Chapter Two IMAX on opening night next month. I was curious about the first one two years ago, but I’m looking forward to the sequel.

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