I was in Houston, Texas last week, hanging out with an old friend for a day. Since she hadn’t seen either of them yet, we watched Avengers: Endgame, the re-release with the post-credit blu ray bonuses, and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It was my first visit to the theater, since I usually go to the Alamo Drafthouse on the rare occasion I go to Houston.

Nice things about the theater!

There’s a self-serve kiosk to print out pre-ordered tickets, so no big wait in line.

Cardboard displays for photo ops! My local theaters don’t get these too often, and Willowbrook had four – 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, The Addams Family, Hobbs & Shaw, and Playing with Fire.

Each theater has a digital screen with the movie title, poster & show time.

Reclining seats with an armrest that can be raised between every two seats. And the recline is deep! I put my seat all the way back and wound up staring up at the ceiling.

Down side!

I had to buy new tickets onsite for Spidey, and the reserve seat screen isn’t touchscreen. I had to tell the cashier which two seats I wanted.

There was an inexplicable leak from the ceiling near ticket tearer.

No heating for the reclining seats. Yeah, okay, its Houston, and it was about a hundred degrees that day, so heated seats wouldn’t have been a selling point, but winter would hit eventually, right?

Poor concession stand service. There was a special line for Stubs members, but people in the regular line were getting service & I wasn’t, so I moved to the other line.

Overall, yeah, I’d go back, if its showing something the Alamo Drafthouse doesn’t have, or if its sold out, as Spidey was that night.

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