Yesterday was my day to go to the movies. AMC Stubs are good to use Friday to Thursday, and my next day off is in four days. With that in mind, I used all three of my tickets for two matinees and one evening movie.

First up, Good Boys produced by Seth Rogan. I have to say I love the movie poster for this, with the “You Must Be This Tall” line. And it was nice of ’em to include why the movie is rated R in big print right there in the middle. Despite that warning, though, the couple in the back row next to me brought their elementary age child. And when I was getting a refill on my popcorn after the movie, a grandmother let her junior high looking grandson order two tickets for Good Boys.

A coworker of mine said she saw it last week, and laughed so much her face hurt by the end of the film. I did not laugh that much, but the inappropriate humor was pretty good. There are a few “wait, what?” jokes, too.

Pretty simple story about a middle school student invited to a “kissing party” and he wants to bring his two best friends. Problem is, none of them know how to kiss. When trying to spy on their neighbor with a drone, they get caught, and after the drone gets damaged, they have to replace it without the boy’s dad finding out. Epic suburban adventure ensues.

Followed Good Boys with one I was really looking forward to, Ready or Not. When I first saw the trailer, I could have sworn that was Margot Robbie in the role of the bride. Oh, well…

On the plus side, Henry Czerny has his strongest supporting role that I’ve seen him in since the first Mission: Impossible. As fun as he was as the bureaucrat chasing Tom Cruise in that movie, here he’s even better as the patriarch of a game making family.

Samara Weaving is the bride, and she’s married into the Le Domas family. They have a tradition of whenever someone marries in, the family gathers together at midnight on the wedding night to play a game. A blank card is put in a mystery box, and the new family member pulls the card that will have the game to be played that night. Chess, checkers, Old Maid are all possible options, but she pulls the worse card, “Hide & Seek.”

As the bride hides, the family arms themselves with handguns, rifles, axes, a bow & arrow set, and a crossbow. Lots of dark humor with that crossbow.

The game is on as they try to find her within the locked down mansion. And there is a time limit, she has to be found & sacrificed before dawn.

Ready or Not looked awesome from the trailer, and it did not disappoint, at all. And, as twisted as I can be some times, I think I laughed just as much at it as I did while watching Good Boys.

Last movie of the night was 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, a sequel to 2017’s 47 Meters Down which starred Mandy Moore, Claire Holt & Matthew Modine. This one, the most recognizable castmember is John Corbett.

The cast also includes the daughters of Jamie Foxx and Sylvester Stallone.

Pretty straight forward movie – four teenage girls who look good in bikinis go out where no one knows they are there to swim, and eventually cave dive, and become fodder for albino great white sharks that have evolved in a sunken Aztec temple.

And, I gotta say I had a few issues while watching this one. First off, why would a newly discovered ancient underwater temple have modern grates & warning signs? Second, why depend on just the rope line when there were lights installed in the tunnels they were swimming through? And finally, how they hell were the communicating when their ears aren’t covered by the masks? Maybe that last one is my own ignorance about how diving works, I don’t know, since I’ve never been scuba diving.

Still, some interesting kills, nice jump scares with the sharks, and I do kinda wish there had been an IMAX or 3D option, this seems like the kind of movie that would be suited for the format.

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