Drove out to Tyler yesterday to see IT: Chapter Two in IMAX. I’ve had that ticket reserved for the last month, back row, center of Theater 8, because I wanted to be entered into their contest to attend the premiere. I did not win, and it messed up my AMC Stubs reservations, that I could only get two others, use them, and then get my third ticket for the week.

I’m glad that’s over with now.

When IT: Chapter One came out, I was angry about how it only used half the book, focused on the characters as children, without any use of the parts with the adults. And this comes out, and while it is focused on the adults, there are still flashbacks to their childhood.

It starts with the death of a gay teenager at the Derry Canal Festival, which prompts Mike to start making phone calls. And even though it feels dull, we see all seven calls, or the immediate aftermath from Bill, Eddie, Richie, Ben, Stan, and Beverly.

All but Stan return to Derry before remembering Pennywise and the threat the clown represents.

When I went to see the re-release of the first chapter last month, the scene from the sequel they showed was the reunion at the Chinese restaurant. That scene was longer in the movie.

Mike has each adult go on a type of scavenger hunt for totems of their childhood, items that will be used in a ritual to trap Pennywise. So, yay! Flashbacks! Jump scares! Recovered memories! Weird transitions from present to past to present again! The deepest school locker in the history of cinema!

And then they go down into the sewer, to the clown’s lair seen in the first movie, but then deeper from there to perform their ritual and try to end the threat that Derry has faced every twenty-seven years.

Alright, so, with Bill’s introduction in this movie, the adult author who is working on the screenplay for a movie based on his book, a running gag is introduced about how his books’ endings are bad. The director for the movie within the movie tells him so, Bill’s wife agrees, and the ending has to be different from the book. Mike gives bill shit about this. A shopkeeper gives Bill shit about this. And, if I remember correctly, it came up a couple more times. So, of course, with this movie, the ending is different from the book. And from the 1990s miniseries.

I think it was too heavy on the CGI for the Pennywise clown / monster hybrid.

And I really could have done without the Richie revelation, which does nothing for the character.

On the plus side, Stephen King has a cameo as the Secondhand Rose shop owner where Bill finds Silver & buys his bike back. I know the author has had cameos, some with dialogue, some without, throughout the tv & movie adaptations of his work, but this is, without a doubt, the best one.

Prior to the movie, there was a fake out start to show a teaser trailer for Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), due out in 2020. Gotta say, it was nicely done, but really can only work before a viewing of IT.

And, after watching both chapter films recently, I’m giving serious thought to re-reading the book. Been about twenty years, I think, since I read it last.

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