Way back when, I used to read Molly Ivins’ syndicated column. Never did read her books, though. May seem dated to do so now, though I may look into it next time I go to the public library. Because I was familiar with her work as a columnist, I decided to use one of my AMC Stubs tickets to see the documentary in Lufkin Wednesday. Good thing I did, because it only played for a week.

Using footage & interviews from CNN, CSPAN, and other outlets, along with still photos and interviews from friends, family & colleagues, the life story of Molly Ivins is told, from her birth in the Houston, Texas suburb, her private & college education, to her career in Minnesota, New York, Colorado & Texas. Its all very educational & enlightening for those curious about how to live a best life.

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, and laughed out loud several times.

And, sadly, I had the theater almost completely to myself – one other person arrived & sat near the front about a half hour after the start time of the documentary.

Also, I have to call AMC Lufkin out for this – their projection was all kinds of screwed up. Yes, I know with the use of footage made for square televisions, there will be black bars on the side of the frame, but the top & bottom of the film was playing on the curtains above & below the screen. It was so annoying they couldn’t get that right.

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