I was working at an Alamo Drafthouse in Austin when Olympus has Fallen came out. Used my employee discount to see it once. I used Netflix to watch London has Fallen once. And I used my second AMC Stubs ticket for the week to see Angel has Fallen. I think one viewing per film for this trilogy is just the right about of viewing.

Gerard Butler continues in his role as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning. Morgan Freeman plays the President of the United States. Tim Blake Nelson is the Vice President. And Danny Huston is the bad guy. Nick Nolte, Jada Pinkett Smith, Piper Perabo & Lance Reddick have supporting roles.

Deciding that he doesn’t agree with the president’s politics, the bad guy launches an assassination attempt, and frames Banning in the process. The FBI finds planted evidence, and despite the events of the previous two films, quickly believe Banning has turned evil. And while the president is in a coma, the vice president decides to do everything that the president disagreed with that led to the assassination attempt in the first place. There’s some father / son stuff, too, with Butler & Nolte. And Lance Reddick continues with his “Oh, it’s that guy!” career.

There’s buddy buddy history between the hero & the villain. There’s a chase scene, at night, which was lame. There’s some cheap CGI for characters running from a building implosion. Morgan Freeman gets to lay down in a bed a lot. And, apparently, Mike Banning is a Texan. Never would have guessed with that accent.

Also, a mid credit bonus scene for those who don’t immediately jump up to leave like the two guys sitting a few seats away from me in the back row with an annoying ringtone on their cellphone.

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