I had a plan for a couple of movies in Longview, but that went to crap when I woke up late. So, I checked the listings for closer theaters, and wound up at the AMC Lufkin, which is my usual “go to” theater lately.

I had Theater 1 all to myself for the matinee showing of The Peanut Butter Falcon. The movie was a nice buddy road trip story. Pretty simple – a runaway and a fugitive are both trying to get a new life for themselves while being chased south along the Carolina coast.

I hadn’t even seen a trailer, I just went to see it because the time of the show was right.

A nice, eclectic cast. Shia LeBeouf is the survivor of a car accident who started a fire that got out of control on a dock. Jon Bernthal plays the older brother in flashbacks, but doesn’t have any dialogue. Zack Gottsagen is Zak, a Down Syndrome resident of a nursing home labelled a flight risk when he tries to leave. Bruce Dern is his roommate that helps him escape. Dakota Johnson is the social worker sent to find him.

Zak’s goal is to attend a professional wrestling school, and Thomas Haden Church is the Salt Water Redneck who ran the school while former wrestler Jack “The Snake” Roberts is the redneck’s friend Sam.

The movie looks beautiful, especially the open water scenes.

And I actually liked Shia LeBeouf in this movie, and I haven’t much liked him in anything else. Thomas Haden Church has a good role, once he actually shows up in more than just a videotape for the wrestling school.

I wish the ending had been better, though. A mostly good story, good casting, and beautiful scenery.

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