My original plan was to drive out to Mesquite this past Sunday to the Fathom Events screening of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They were showing it as a fortieth anniversary event. But, I couldn’t find the commbadge or rank pips for my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine uniform. No point driving so far without the costume, right?

So, I cancelled that plan, got my ticket refunded, and decided to settle for a trip to the Studio Movie Grill in Tyler, and to wear my TNG 25th Anniversary tshirt, instead.

Now, a bit of history. Way back in the 1980s, I asked my mom to buy the “special extended version” of the first movie on VHS. And the director’s cut was the first DVD I bought about twenty years ago. Holy crap, where does the time go? So, I’ve seen the movie a lot over the years, but this time was the first I’ve seen it on a theater screen. But, because both were different from the theatrical cut, what was missing stood out more than what was onscreen.

For example, there’s the part where Kirk leaves the bridge, to tell Decker the news about his demotion, and that alien ensign popped off about it, only to be corrected by Uhura. Not in this movie.

Kirk goes to the transporter to greet McCoy, and the crewman says that the doctor insisted seeing how it scrambled their molecules, first? Not in this movie.

When Chekov’s arms gets burned at his console & Ilia heals him a bit before Chapel gets to the bridge? Chekov’s arm still gets burned, Chapel still turns up, but the part where Ilia gives him a healing touch is not in this movie.

Those were three moments that stood out as missing, to me, while watching the movie Wednesday afternoon.

That being said, I still enjoyed watching it.

There was also a “making of” feature before the movie, which I’m pretty sure was on the DVD, talking about Star Trek Phase II, “The God Thing”, Kirk bringing fire to ancient humans, and other attempts to revive the franchise, plus the struggle just to get the movie made in the first place.

I was a bit bummed, though, because usually a Fathom Events film has trivia, behind the scenes stuff showing onscreen for about a half hour before the movie. I got there early for that, but had to settle for Front + Center.

And I have now seen eleven of the thirteen Star Trek films on a theater screen! Just the fifth & sixth ones left to see!

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