The second of the three movies I watched this past Wednesday, Ad Astra was viewed in IMAX.

Brad Pitt is an astronaut in the near future, sent on a mission to make contact with his father, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who was once believed dead, but now may be responsible for energy pulses that threaten Earth.

Donald Sutherland is a semi-retired astronaut that is along for the mission, at first.

Liv Tyler is the estranged wife, seen in flashbacks with Brad Pitt’s voiceovers.

The trailers were confusing as hell, and I was curious about the movie, but the more I think about it, the more it reminds me of World War Z, the movie, not the book. That film had Brad Pitt going from point a to point b to point c, near setbacks along the way, but he continues to succeed without too much effort on his own part.

By the way, regarding World War Z, the book was so much better than the movie.

Anyway, contact is eventually made with the presumed dead dad, and not long after, the world is saved, and the movie ends. No wonder they had to make the trailers so confusing. Studios have to get butts in the seats somehow, right?

Good cast, dull movie, with a blegh ending.

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