I went out to AMC Tyler last Wednesday, for a three movie marathon. First up, the new Rambo!

About ten years ago, when the last Rambo movie came out, there was a limited screening event of First Blood, the first Rambo movie, with an introduction from Sly Stallone & a look at the alternate ending where Rambo is shot and killed by the colonel. So, this makes the second of the five Rambo movies I’ve seen at the theater. I’ve seen all five, but the other three only at home, and I did rewatch Rambo (2008) via Hulu before watching the new one.

The story is fairly straight forward, the action not all that complicated.

John Rambo is home, but not quite at peace. He’s living with the grandmother of his adoptive niece, in the house he was walking towards at the end of Rambo (2008). He’s training horses. He’s helped raise the girl. And he has a massive tunnel system on the ranch.

His niece was abandoned by her father, and an old friend of her’s has found him in Mexico. She crosses the border, and is rejected by him, again. Her friend takes her to a bar and sells her off into a prostitution ring.

After several days, Rambo goes looking for her, tracking her down fairly easily to the pimp brothers. He fails to get her back at first, but after recuperating for a few days, he tries again.

And he gets followed back to the ranch, where he has set up traps throughout the tunnels & the barn, all of which get put to use.

If ya haven’t seen it yet, stick around through the start of the credits – it has Rambo-centric clips from the first four movies, and gives a nice ending to the character.

It makes sense that Rambo would be a bit slower, considering the actual age a Vietnam War veteran would be these days. But damn. Sucks that most of the action takes place in shadowed caves, or at night.

It is a fine ending for the franchise, for sure. And First Blood is still my favorite of the five.

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