I had last Monday off from work, so I decided to knock out two showings of Abominable, the new kids’ movie from Dreamworks, in both 2D & 3D. I was in Theater 7 for both shows, same seat, and had the theater to myself for both showings.

Sure, it was a Monday afternoon, but two shows in a row for the same movie and no one else came out for it.

Ah, well. The 3D wasn’t really worth it, anyway. Glad I was able to use my AMC Stubs for the ticket.

A teenage girl estranged from her mother & grandmother after the death of her father finds an escaped yeti on the roof of her apartment building. She decides to help get him back to the Himalayas, and is followed by two friends, an older boy & his young cousin. And they are pursued by the the folks the yeti, named Everest, escaped from in the first place.

There is some nice animation, but something I got hung up on was that the characters where pretty much the same clothes, even after one of ’em falls in a dumpster, goes home, and doesn’t even shower? Another character actually winds up with less layers by the time they reach the mountain range, but none of ’em are affected by the cold. Shorts, tshirts, basketball jerseys, and yet none of ’em are cold while standing in the snow.

I also enjoyed some of the humor, too. Yes, there are a few childish jokes, it is a kids’ movie, but the loose whooping snake made me laugh, as did the line, “Dude, you darted Dave.” Dave had a few other jokes, too.

Abominable sets itself up for sequels, or possible a tv series, with mentions or references to the Loch Ness Monster, unicorns, and chupacabras. There is also a quick Easter egg for Blade Runner fans, if ya can believe it.

I did not stick around for the credits, but have read there’s a bit of a stinger with the whooping snake. Sorry I missed it, but I can wait until it starts streaming to watch it again. Twice in one day was enough for now.

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