The new Adam Devine comedy was not on my radar at all, and I admit I only went to see it because with AMC Stubs, I had a ticket to burn.

Devine’s Phil was raised with a cellphone as a distraction by parents who wanted him to be occupied. He grows up & doesn’t know how to connect with people, nor does he really want to. He just wants his phone, Netflix, take out, and such.

One day, he’s distracted by his phone on the street, and it gets destroyed. His new phone has a new operating system AI, Jexi. Jexi, voiced by Rose Byrne, has the goal of making Phil’s life better. She’s rude, insulting, and willing to ruin Phil’s life while making it better.

Alexandra Shipp is a non-conventional love interest. This is the third movie with her I’ve seen at the theater this year. Fourth overall, counting Love, Simon on Hulu. Dark Phoenix is my favorite of those, but she’s good in this, too.

Wanda Sykes, Charlyne Yi & Michael Pena have supporting roles.

The movie is pretty funny, especially once Jexi’s insanity is introduced.

And the story continues into the credits.

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