I went out to AMC Tyler this past Wednesday for an attempted double feature, but thanks to the popcorn machine setting off the smoke detectors, I was only able to watch the new animated film of The Addams Family on the BigD series.

The film starts with the marriage of Gomez & Morticia, and they immediately have to run from angry villagers in “the old country.”

The newlyweds wind up in New Jersey, and move into an abandoned mental asylum, which is also haunted, where they raise & “cage school” their children Wednesday & Pugsly.

In the valley below, a new homemaker over hostess has created a whole new town, Assimilation, and once the swamps have been drained, the asylum is visible.

And that leads to a culture clash between so called normal society & the Addams Family. And with Pugsly’s right of passage into manhood coming up, cousins, aunts & uncles also arrive in New Jersey.

Wednesday’s story has her going to public school as an act of rebellion against Morticia.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. There’s some fun humor, jabs at pop culture, and the animation is well done. I missed out on seeing it in 3D, but the BigD, which is similar to IMAX, was a nice way to watch it.

The 1991 live action film is still my favorite, but the animated feature is a nice addition to a franchise that includes a classic television series and two live action movies.

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