So, I was in Tyler Wednesday night, and I was watching Gemini Man on the IMAX screen at the AMC Tyler. It was the second movie of the day, and with about a half hour or so left in the film, the screen went dark & the emergency lights started to flash. A prerecorded voice came over the speakers, asking people to make their orderly way to the exits.

The theater was evacuated, two trucks from the Tyler Fire & Rescue arrived, and a theater employee gave out vouchers, all thanks to the popcorn maker setting off the smoke detectors.

I had Wednesday night, all day Thursday, and most of the day Friday to think about how that movie was going to end. I went to the AMC Lufkin Friday afternoon and watched Gemini Man again, this time to the end. And Clive Owen has a line in the part I did not see, and as soon as he said it, I was sitting there, back row, center, and said, “Well, shit.” because that line meant it was not going to end the way I thought it would. The way I had hoped it could end.

Still, a good movie, though. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Will Smith plays government assassin Henry Brogan. After seventy-two confirmed kills, Henry has decided it is time to retire. When he learns that the last kill may not have been who he was told it was, a hit squad is sent to his home. This puts Henry on the run with his watcher, going from Georgia, South America, Budapest, and then back to Georgia.

Will Smith also plays Junior, a young man sent to kill Henry when the assassin kills the hit squad and escapes to South America.

Clive Owen is a retired Marine and head of Gemini, a government subcontractor that has sent Junior after Henry.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong have supporting roles as Toast and Baron.

The effects for Will Smith playing the younger Junior were freaking incredible. The action sequences were well done, the chases & fights were well staged. The ending was not what I had expected after months of waiting for the movie, and two days trying to guess how it could have ended after seeing the bulk of the film.

And Gemini Man was at the very top of my list to see this fall. It didn’t disappoint, but maybe I had it built up too much in my mind. I am going to go see it again, though.

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