I went out to AMC Tyler yesterday since it is the only local AMC showing The Lighthouse. I had planned to see it last week, when I was at the same theater to watch Terminator: Dark Fate IMAX and Motherless Brooklyn, but a flat tire on the way ruined those plans. Had I been able to see all three movies in a day, I would have had a Willam Dafoe double feature mostly by accident.

I went into The Lighthouse blind, meaning I had not seen a single trailer or promotion for it, aside from the movie posters.

I did not expect a square picture, or a completely black & white film. For awhile when it started, I was wondering if there would even be dialogue, since it takes quite a bit of time before anyone says anything, and the first line of the movie is Robert Pattinson saying, “Son of a …” after bumping his head.

Two men arrive on a north Atlantic island to tend a lighthouse for a month. Dafoe’s Wake is the boss who is possessive over the tower light, with Pattinson’s Winslow having to do all the other work on the small island.

And for two hours of film, you get to watch Winslow slowly lose his damn mind, with the help of isolation, alcohol, an aggressive one-eyed seagull, storms, and a mermaid.

Gonna have to file this one under, “The fuck did I just watch?”

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