I read both The Shining and Doctor Sleep a couple of years back. I’ve seen the movie version of The Shining few times, too. I went out Friday night, watched Last Christmas (didn’t much care for it) and Doctor Sleep.

Doctor Sleep shows Danny and his mother in Florida immediately after the events of The Shining. As Danny grows up, he is haunted by the ghosts from the Overlook Hotel, mentally boxing each of them. In the process, he becomes a drug user and alcoholic. In New England, he makes a new life for himself, joins AA & gets a job at a nursing home, where he uses his gift to help the older residents transition from this life to the next.

There’s also a young girl who makes contact with Danny, using her gift to write on a chalkboard in his one bedroom apartment.

Bringing the two together is the threat of a group of gypsies with abilities of their own who hunt those that “shine”, consuming them.

Yes, there are differences from the book, which was to be expected. But I still enjoyed the movie quite a bit. It was suitably disturbing, though not really scary.

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