My original plan was to see Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker IMAX yesterday. I decided not to drive to the AMC Tyler twice in two days, after going to see Star Wars IMAX 3D & Richard Jewell Wednesday evening. So, instead, I went to AMC Lufkin for the last 3D showing of Spies in Disguise. I even had Theater 5 to myself until just as the movie started, when more folks showed up.

Will Smith voices Lance Sterling, a James Bond – esque super spy for America, who has to go on the run when he’s framed by the villain, voiced by Ben Mendelsohn. Apparently that guy is just gonna make a career of being evil, aside from his appearances in the Marvel movies. Tom Holland is Walter, the weird tech guy who makes non-lethal equipment for the government agency. When Sterling goes to Walter’s house, he drinks a formula that turns him into a pigeon.

Pigeon Sterling and Walter are then on the run and on the way to stop the bad guy from obtaining the list of all the agents working for the US government & attacking using killer drones.

Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, Masi Oka, and Reba McEntire have supporting roles in the adventure.

First off, the movie opened with Scrat from the Ice Age films providing the Blue Sky studio logo, and it reminded me that its been forever since I watched a Blue Sky movie. Looked it up, and the last one they produced was Ferdinand, which was three years ago & is one I still have not watched. Dammit.

Second, the 3D was nice, and used to good effect in some parts, but I don’t think it was necessary. If its still playing in 2D in a couple of weeks, I may go check it out again after I get caught up on a few other new releases.

Third, I was glad to see that Lance Sterling actually looks like an animated Will Smith. I remember back when Planet 51 came out, and Dwayne Johnson was cast as the voice of a blonde haired, blue eyed astronaut.

Fourth, there’s a lot of humor in this movie, I laughed quite a bit during it. Some of it falls flat, but for the most part, its enjoyable.

Fifth, there is animated nudity. A villain, when caught just getting out of a pool, drops his towel and there’s tattooed man ass on the screen. And again, the same man ass after that character is knocked out. That was surprising.

Finally, if ya stay to the end of the credits, there is an 8 bit animation that ties in with a scene from earlier in the movie, but it isn’t necessary to watch. It isn’t a bonus, or a setup for a sequel, just a cute little thing at the very end.

But, speaking of credits, I also enjoyed the James Bond – ish opening credit sequence, foreshadowing events of the movie.

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