My oldest nephew & I went to see Dolittle this past Sunday night. I was curious, since I generally like Robert Downey, Jr and its been awhile since I’ve watched Antonio Banderas had a live action role.

The film opens with a narration from Emma Thompson’s Polly and an animated origin. The live action picks up years later into Dr. Dolittle’s isolation where a young boy brings a squirrel he shot on the same day an envoy from Queen Victoria arrives with a summons for the doctor to help the queen. The boy stows away with the envoy, and they all arrive at the palace where Dolittle sets off to find the fruit of Eden Island to save the queen. And that will allow him to keep the animal sanctuary that was gifted to him by the queen. He’s also pursued by Michael Sheen’s conspirator who has a part in the queen’s poisoning. And Antonio Banderas is a pirate king, and looks good doing that.

The CGI for the animals was decent, and I liked that they established Dolittle spoke animal, not the animals speaking English only to him.

I did not like much else about the movie. RDJ’s accent was horrible. Too much pop culture and modern slang in the dialogue. A dragon fart joke. Sheen was too cartoonish a villain.

There is a bonus scene midway through the credits, showing the fate of one character.

And every animal talks! How they hell are meat eating animals expected to eat prey that can beg for its life? What does Dolittle feed them to keep them healthy? Why does a dragonfly have human eyes? How loud does an ant have to be for Dolittle to hear it?

So much wrong with this movie.

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