Followed Dolittle with the new horror film The Turning while my nephew went to see Ford v Ferrari. I should have gone with him to watch that one again.

The Turning is a pretty awful film about a teacher who leaves her public school job to become the personal in-home teacher to one little girl in a mansion. Shortly after she arrives, the older brother of her student gets expelled from boarding school, but does not get a tutor of his own for some reason.

The mansion is shown to be hunted by the previous private tutor and the groundskeeper, both of whom were murdered on the property.

The teenage brother is predatory towards the tutor, and the little girl is just plain creepy.

Some of the scares in this movie would be easily resolved if characters knew how to turn on a light.

As the hauntings become more threatening, the tutor takes both children and they escape!

Except they don’t! The movie rewinds to about fifteen minutes prior, and another ending happens, instead.

And that ending comes out of fucking nowhere, and makes no sense whatsoever.

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