Spent a Monday at the movies, going to the AMC Tyler since they have the option to watch the Bad Boys sequel in IMAX.

Underwater was first on my watch list that day. Not the worst Kristen Stewart film I’ve seen, for sure. It was an interesting idea, for sure, but just poorly done.

The movie opens with newspaper & email photos explaining the situation we’re about to watch. And it ends the same way. In between, we have a group of survivors trying to make their way across the ocean floor to escape the attack of previously undiscovered sea monsters.

Oh, and we get a full screen shot of TJ Miller’s torn underwear covered ass.

I read somewhere that the first Alien movie was an inspiration for this one. Too bad Underwater isn’t nearly as good.

My first viewing of Bad Boys for Life was at the IMAX. My second viewing with one of my nephews was in regular 2D. I’ve got to say, IMAX didn’t add that much to the movie.

I’m not a big fan of the Bad Boys films, but I’ve seen them. Gotta say, I really enjoyed this one.

Original cast members Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Joe Pantoliano, Theresa Randle, Bianca Bethune, and Dennis Greene return in for their respective roles. Michael Bay doesn’t direct the movie, but is a producer and makes a cameo as the wedding’s master of ceremonies.

Mike goes on a rogue mission to find the man who tried to kill him, and drags Marcus along out of retirement to help him. And they both wind up working with a new, younger generation of cops in a group called AMMO (Advanced Miami Metro Operations).

It has been a few years since I last watched either of the original films, but I gotta say this is my favorite of the three.

And there is a bonus bit at the start of the credits to set up a fourth film.

My third movie that day was Just Mercy which was a fairly decent based on a true story film about a black man in Alabama who was wrongfully convicted of killing a white teenager and the lawyer who fought to get him his freedom from Death Row. Everyone involved puts in a fine performance, but the stand out to me was Tim Blake Nelson as the jailhouse snitch.

There are “where are they now” shots throughout the start of the end credits. Kind of annoying it wasn’t all there at once before the credits rolled.

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