I decided to watch the Unfriended film a couple of weeks ago, since it was available via Hulu. Been awhile since I had watched the trailer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Essentially a found footage style movie, it has all the action happening via a character’s laptop screen using Skype, Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. On the anniversary of a classmate’s suicide, several friends hold a Skype group chat where the vengeful ghost of the girl who killed herself taunts and kills them.

Not sure how this played in theaters, but I can say it was difficult to read the text messages back and forth on my television.

Followed that up with the sequel, Unfriended: Dark Web, which was also available through Hulu. Its done the same way as the first, everything is seen through one character’s laptop.

A guy takes a laptop from his job’s lost & found, and while he & and his friends have a Skype group chat, he gains access to a “dark web” chat group. Turns out to be a torture / murder service for hire sort of group, and because he took the laptop, the owner wants it back. Each of the friends gets murdered by the dark web conspiracy group, of course, just as with the first movie.

The extended edition is essentially the same, just with a different ending. Checking on Wikipedia, it seems that three endings were filmed, and are available on the home release. But I do not plan to spend money to watch them.

And, to be honest, I find a conspiracy of assholes more believable than an angry electronic ghost. So, I think the sequel is marginally better than the original.

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