230 “New to Me” Movies Watched in 2019

Thanks to my AMC Stubs membership, Fathom Events, streaming services Netflix & Hulu, rentals from Redbox, and a Victory membership with the Alamo Drafthouse, I watch two hundred & thirty movies that were new to me in the year 2019. The rules to be a new to me movie are pretty simple – either a […]

Angel has Fallen (2019)

I was working at an Alamo Drafthouse in Austin when Olympus has Fallen came out. Used my employee discount to see it once. I used Netflix to watch London has Fallen once. And I used my second AMC Stubs ticket for the week to see Angel has Fallen. I think one viewing per film for […]

One Hundred & Fifty “New To Me” Movies…and Counting in 2019

So, yeah, I keep a list. And the rules for making the list are simple. One, if its something I haven’t seen before, no matter the format – theater, stream, redbox rental – it gets on the list. Two, if its a feature length television episode, it gets on the list. Three, if its something […]

1922 (2017)

I picked up the short story collection Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King last week at Half Price Books, along with Fight Club and the novelization for Suicide Squad. Of course, I read Fight Club first, and started Full Dark, No Stars the other night. The first story in the collection is ‘1922’, which […]

East Texas Pan-Geek, An Introduction

Alright, so, let’s begin. My name is Tom, and I’m a pan-geek. Over a decade ago, a dear friend came up with the idea of pan-geeks – scifi fans that also liked regular science, fantasy, sports, board games, videogames, cosplay & conventions – basically a cross-section of nerdiness that wasn’t confined to just being a […]

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